Today is the one year anniversary of the fall of Kabul, and Afghanistan remains in limbo with no formally recognized government. The people are living in extreme poverty, injustice, and hopelessness. All of us remember watching the Afghan crisis with so much anger, as well as a sense of helplessness and feeling like all we could do was watch. But that is actually far from the truth. Afghanistan needs the help of the global community even more than ever.

Here at Tahmina, we are entrepreneurs who best express our love through our actions. We thought about what we wanted to share on this day, and though feelings, words and memories are important, we wanted to share resources for how you can continue to support Afghanistan through tumultuous times. We want to empower you as global citizens to know that there is always a way to make a small impact, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

  1. Donate to relief organizations: with frozen assets and a collapsed economy, millions of Afghans are living in food insecurity. In addition, there was a deadly earthquake a couple months ago, where thousands of people were killed and injured and even more lost their homes. Here is a list of NGOs who are working with food and earthquake relief that you can donate to. Tahmina’s donation campaign will also stay up for a few more weeks and you can donate here.
  2. Help Afghan refugees: over 122,000 Afghans and foreigners were evacuated last year, and now are scattered in different countries across the world. 76,000 Afghan refugees are now in America. This blog post highlights the different ways that you can help Afghan refugees settle and transition.
  3. Support Afghan small businesses: maintaining a business is very difficult right now, but there are many courageous entrepreneurs who have remained committed to operating to support jobs and sustainable livelihoods to many Afghans. This blog post has a list of Afghan business that you can support
  4. Advocate for different initiatives: whether for Afghans who are still in Afghanistan or for refugees abroad, there are still a number of petitions and campaigns that are advocating for government action on behalf of Afghans. This list shows different active initiatives and resources.
  5. Continue to track news about Afghanistan: it is so important that we stay aware about what is happening inside the country, especially now that Afghanistan isn’t getting coverage on major headlines. This list has some journalists and independent media accounts to follow to stay tracking.

Thank you for the many ways you remained supportive to us as a business, and also the wider country since last year. We hope that all of us as a global community can continue to show up for Afghanistan.

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