Dear Brave Ones,

Tahmina turns 5 this week and thank you so much for journeying with us through five very eventful years! From a pandemic to supply chain disruptions to last year's regime change, we've been through a lot more than we expected when we first started this company. However, we're so proud to continue the work of supporting Afghan women and farmers, and look to the future with bright hope.

It's an interesting time in history that we celebrate our 5th anniversary as a business. Afghanistan is now the only country in the world where girls are officially banned from attending high school, and Iran is in their second month of national protests over the death of Mahsa Jhina Amini and many other abuses of human rights. There’s an outcry that is coming out of these nations: zan, zendagi, azadi. In English, it means: woman, life, freedom.

5 years ago we started a company with a vision of Tea for the Brave. To commemorate our anniversary, we want to highlight the brave voices of Afghan and Iranian women who are deep in the fight for freedom. They are courageously speaking out against the oppression and injustice in their nations, and we wanted to give our small corner of the internet this week to hear their voices and what they have to say. We will also have a sale later this week as a thank you to everyone who has faithfully supported us over the years and enjoyed our products.

So follow along as we amplify Brave Voices this week! Thank you for journeying with Tea for the Brave.


-Team Tahmina

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