Dear Brave Ones,

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our team through product purchases, donating to our relief campaign, and tracking with what has been happening in Afghanistan. While the situation is extremely volatile and changes each day, the biggest celebration of this week was that everyone we know is safe and still alive.

International troops will pull out of the Kabul airport on August 31, and today there were two suicide attacks at the airport. The situation in inexpressibly dire for 38 million Afghans. There are 5 days left.

A close and trusted friend of mine has started a global petition to make a show of force as a global community to all parties involved in the future of Afghanistan with three politically neutral and unifying demands:

1. that the international community not abandon Afghanistan
2. that the Taliban respect human rights
3. the formation of an inclusive Afghan government

The future of our company hangs on the future of this nation, and more importantly, the future of the people we love will be directly affected by how the world responds.

As entrepreneurs, we are visionaries who dare to dream of what the world could be, and dare to strategize and labor until we get there. If this petition could get millions of signatures, I truly believe this can make an effective difference for the nation of Afghanistan.

Whenever the dust settles, we'll go back to being a small tea startup that posts nice pictures and content of tea, spices, and farmers. But until this crisis ends, we will sprint and labor to save as many lives as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and journeying with Tea for the Brave.

-Anonymous Founder, Tahmina



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