Tahmina celebrates its 5th Anniversary with a blog series called, “Brave Voices,” featuring stories from the Afghan and Iranian women who are speaking out against the oppression and injustice in their nations. Some names have been changed or redacted for security, and the views expressed in these pieces are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Tahmina Tea.   


Hi, this is Gulamiz, I am 19 years old, and I am in the United States studying my undergrad. From my position as an Afghan girl, I would say, be our voice. Speak up for us. All those girls who are now in Afghanistan are not allowed to go out, not allowed to even show their face, not allowed to even open a book and study, and are being ignored and forgotten in history. I would want each and every one of you to be our voice. Speak up for us.

We don’t have the ability to speak up. We are deprived of our first and most important freedom and choice and right, which is the freedom to talk. Afghan girls cannot talk. They are being shut up for a very long time. If I have anything to tell the world to do for us, it would be, speak up, do not stay silent, do not watch us dying, please do something, if that thing is even saying a word for us.


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