Tahmina celebrates its 5th Anniversary with a blog series called, “Brave Voices,” featuring stories from the Afghan and Iranian women who are speaking out against the oppression and injustice in their nations. Some names have been changed or redacted for security, and the views expressed in these pieces are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Tahmina Tea. 


Hi, my name is Razia Arifi and I’m from Afghanistan. Besides being an Afghan, I am Hazara. And as a Hazara girl it is my responsibility to the be a voice of my people who have always been the target during these past years. The root of Hazara genocide is coming from 1893, during the time that Abdul Rahman Khan was the king and he killed more than 600,000 Hazara people.

In these past 5 years, more than 34 attacks were made against the Hazara people, and the most harmful are: Dehmazang, Kawser Danesh, Abdul Rahim Shahid, Chehel Dokhtaran, Sayeed-o-Shohada, Mawoud and the most recent is Kaj. All these are the examples that show that Hazara’s young generation are in danger.

What we can do for Hazara people is to be their voice, so the world and UN can hear their voice. Let’s all stay together and help, thank you. #stophazaragenocide


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Image credit: www.christinetanphotography.com

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