Dear Brave Ones,

Thank you for journeying with us since last year through what was undoubtedly the most difficult year of our organization and our lives. We came out of a pandemic facing repeated supply chain disruptions only then to face the shock of a viral regime change. But even in the midst of shaking and crisis, there is always an opportunity to respond. 

We responded to the fall of Kabul in August with a grassroots relief campaign for you to get involved with making a direct impact in Afghanistan. Through the combination of your direct donations and the proceeds of our sales, we were able to raise enough funds to support over 400 families! To date, our team has distributed food or winter relief to over 60 families. We will continue distributing the funds we've raised through our team's direct distribution efforts and trusted NGOs. Afghanistan has now become the world's largest humanitarian crisis, but as a small business, we're thankful that we can touch the lives of many Afghans in our own small ways. 

Because of you, there are families in Afghanistan who will not starve or freeze, and will stay alive during the winter. They won’t have to resort to selling their daughters or begging on the streets or the other horrific means of survival that we’ve heard this year. And we continue to work towards a day where families will not have to focus primarily on survival but can live in a society that allows the flourishing of their lives. 

Thank you for your courageous generosity #teaforthebrave


Team Tahmina

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