To our global community,

As we find ourselves in such unprecedented times, and we wanted to give you an update on Tahmina. Tahmina is one of countless businesses that has been affected by the upheaval of COVID-19, and we would like to share some of the safety precautions we are taking in response:

  • Tahmina will remain operational so long as it is safe, and we remain respectful to government guidelines and will be closely monitoring for any updates from the CDC, WHO, and local governments.
  • Our operations have always been and will continue to follow all FDA and CDC guidelines.
  • Our order fulfillment team is upholding enhanced hygiene practices and will be limiting drop offs to minimize public exposure and contact.

This week we’d like to support our consumers by providing discounts on select products and free shipping on all domestic orders. We hope you can enjoy a micro-moment of calm as you stay at home and enjoy Tahmina tea.

There have been few times in history when we have been connected as we are right now. And it is in this moment that we have a choice with how we respond. It’s easy to feel anxiety, fear or panic in these times. But the truth is: you are brave. There is bravery inside of you already to weather the storm, to have a fighting spirit and to overcome. May this be a time where a generation discovers their voice of courage in adversity and comes out stronger in the end. At Tahmina, our vision is that we can always be a small source of encouragement wherever you may be, and whatever state our world may be in. This is the vision in which we started and the vision we commit to more than ever before. #tobebrave


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