Tahmina is contributing to social change in Afghanistan through the following ways:

The development of Afghanistan's saffron industry
Saffron is the world's most expensive spice, and Afghan saffron has been rated the best saffron in the world by the International Taste and Quality Institute for the past three years. Unfortunately, very few saffron farmers and Afghans in the industry have access to international markets, so Tahmina is helping to build that bridge to not only connect the supply and demand, but also contribute to the creation of a brand and reputation for Afghan saffron as a high-quality product coming out of Afghanistan.

Bringing economic stability in conflict zones
Afghanistan has a current unemployment rate of at least 40%, and with over 40 years of war, has experienced long periods of economic instability. Conflict zones are some of the riskiest areas for business and private investment, but they are also regions where economic development can bring long-term impact for societal stability and security.

Women's rights and leadership
80% of the jobs involved in the saffron production process involve women, creating economic opportunities for a country where only 19% of its female population participates in the work force.

Environmental sustainability
Tahmina prioritizes using eco-friendly materials in our products. Some examples of what we are using:
-Biodegradable pyramid bags
-USA recycled steel for our tin canisters
-Recycled or recyclable boxes and packing materials
-Paperless invoices and documents

Corporate social responsibility
Tahmina donates 10% of its revenue back into various projects in Afghanistan. Some of the key causes that we care about:
-Development of the saffron industry in Afghanistan
-Rehabilitation efforts for drug-addicted populations in Afghanistan
-Education and raising up the next generation of Afghan leaders