We all know that horrible feeling after not sleeping well at night: you feel groggy, dull, and irritable throughout the day. Additionally, it’s common for our circadian rhythms to go off balance after daylight savings time, leading to more sleep issues. But drinking saffron tea is a great way to get better sleep and adjust back to normal. Saffron is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, with a variety of powerful health benefits. Here are 4 reasons to use saffron as a powerful natural remedy for sleep:

  1. Saffron helps with insomnia and falling asleep: multiple clinical studies have reported the ability of saffron to reduce the insomnia severity score compared to placebo groups (links below). This study even found that saffron can increase melatonin levels and decrease cortisol levels, two hormones that are essential for healthy circadian rhythm and falling asleep.
  2. Saffron improves sleep quality and duration: while falling asleep is a big part of insomnia, staying asleep and having quality sleep is also important. Saffron also helps improve sleep quality and duration, according to this systematic review of clinical studies related to saffron and sleep.
  3. Saffron is a natural mood booster: have you ever noticed you have trouble sleeping because you’re anxious about something or you have racing thoughts? Saffron is a potent natural remedy to anxiety and depression, which often contributes to insomnia. Drinking saffron tea can help relax your mind and give you peace for better zzzz’s.
  4. Drinking saffron tea is a soothing nighttime ritual: because sleep is related to our body’s circadian rhythm, it’s important to have daily rituals that cue our body and mind that it’s time to sleep. Drinking tea at night is a great way to slow down, enjoy a soothing warm drink, and start preparing our bodies for rest. With its added sleep benefits, saffron added to tea is sure to be both an effective and enjoyable daily nighttime ritual.

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