As the revolution against racial injustice continues so does our desire for systemic change and reform. We’ve seen people take action through various means like protests, donations, signing petitions, or giving their time, energy and resources. While we desire to see justice in our political, social, and economic spheres, the conversation of economic justice is one particularly close to our hearts. We believe that economic development is a sustainable agent of change, and it is why we do the work we do here at Tahmina. One direct way you can support black lives, dreams, and voices is by supporting black-owned businesses. That’s why, with the help of some of our BIPOC friends, we’d like to highlight 8 e-commerce black-owned businesses that you can shop at and support now! We’ve specifically chosen businesses with online stores so you can support them from anywhere in the country or globe.

    1. Retro Rhapsody: Vintage Store

    • Retro Rhapsody, is a vintage clothing and jewelry e-commerce business based in Miami, Florida. On Etsy and Instagram (@smallneeds), you’ll find an array of stunning pieces that include designer names like Christian Dior and Morton Myles.

    2. Ailey Extension: Real Classes for Real People

    • Ailey Extension is part of Alvin Ailey’s legacy, that “dance comes from the people and should be given back to the people.” Jump on a Zoom dance workout with Ailey Extension. From beginner ballet to samba you can browse and buy classes on their website. First-time students get 2 Classes for $38.

    3. SustainAble Home Goods: Bring Meaningful Beauty Home

    • SustainAble strives to create sustainable jobs, communities and a sustainable world through supporting artisans locally and globally. Browse through their website to find gorgeously, hand-crafted pieces that would make great additions to any home.

    4. Me & the Bees: Lemonade

    • On a quest to save the bees and explore her entrepreneurial skills, 4-year-old Mikaila Ulmer took her grandma’s lemonade recipe and started a social enterprise that is now celebrating 10 years in the business. Between running her business and finishing high school Mikaila continues to inspire. With summer just around the corner, make sure you grab a couple bottles of this amazing lemonade!

    5. Mented Cosmetics: Every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty

      • Mented Cosmetics designs products that are perfectly pigmented for your skin tone that are also non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. Can there be any better adjectives? Mented Cosmetics’ intentionality in product design is to ensure that people of color are not an afterthought in the beauty world; their makeup shades reflect that. Find your perfect foundation match or the perfect nude lipstick at Mented!

      6. Happy Mango: Your Eco-Friendly Baby Boutique

      • From strollers to cloth diapers, Happy Mango believes that going green is affordable and stylish! Browse through a vast collection of products designed to help moms and babies in environmentally friendly ways. If you’re looking to create a registry, or find gifts for a new mom Happy Mango is definitely the place to shop!

      7. Lamik Beauty: Love and Makeup in Kindness


      • Lamik beauty celebrates multicultural women and is dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship. Their products are designed with intentionality from the ingredient list to the recyclable packaging. Lamik makes products that reveal your beauty because they believe our skin deserves better. Shop now to find your perfect brow kit.

      8. Urban Hydration: Save the planet through clean beauty.

      • At Urban Hydration you feel good while you do good! For every product you buy, Urban Hydration donates a gallon of water to transform communities around the world. The first well they built in 2018 supports 300 school children in Kenya and they are working to provide 1 billion people with safe drinking water by the end of 2020! Browse their shop for natural products ranging from skin and hair care to home and kitchen cleaning products and know that your purchase supports a big purpose!

      We are living in the middle of a revolution where the actions and decisions we make now will shape the years and generations to come. And so, while we take action steps like attending protests and signing petitions, let’s remember that how we spend and invest our money is also impactful. Let’s make purchases that align with the future we want to see. #blacklivesmatter

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