We've partnered with Heejin Choi from the Culinary Institute of America to bring you this Endive Sea Scallop Salad recipe! Here are some recipe notes from the chef:

It's the perfect salad to go with the beginning of summer. It is a dish in which you can taste sea scallop with nectarine and sweet and sour dressing on an endive with a crunchy texture. I’ve put saffron in vinegar, made a vinaigrette full of saffron flavor, mixed it with sea scallop, nectarine, chive, shallot, etc., and put it on the endive leaves for a bite. Experience the end of spring and the beginning of summer in one bite!


3 endives 
1/2 lb sea scallops 
10 g chives  
1 tsp saffron 
200 g white wine
2 g agar agar 
Salt to taste 
Black pepper to taste 
60 ml olive oil 
10 ml vinegar 
1 radichio 
Vegetable oil 
1 shallot 
1 nectarine 



1. Clean all the fresh ingredients.
2. Boil white wine with agar agar, whisk well. Place in a small flat tray, cool down until it forms into a jelly.
3. Chiffonade the radichio, thinly slice the chives, mince the shallots, and brunoise the nectarine.
4. In a small pot, add a little bit of water and vinegar with saffron. Slightly simmer until the saffron flavor comes out.
5. Heat up the pan with vegetable oil, sear the sea scallops.
6. Cut seared sea scallops into one-bite size, reserve the liquid from searing process.
7. Into a mixing bowl, put scallop, olive oil, saffron syrup, chives, radichio, minced shallots, salt, and pepper. Gently mix together until emulsified.
8. On the plate, place a layer of endive and scallop mixture on top.
9. Take out white wine jelly, put little bit of it as a garnish. 
10. Finish with thinly sliced chive.

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