Happy Spring! In the Western world, we often associate colored eggs with Easter, but did you know that decorating eggs is also a Persian New Year tradition? Nawroz (meaning "new day") usually falls on March 21 every year, and the holiday has its own unique set of traditions and customs.

Regardless of which part of the world you're celebrating spring this year, these eggs will help add some color to the season! These eggs are naturally dyed, so they are safe for both environment and health. You can also use red cabbage, spinach, red onion skins, and many other natural ingredients to create other colors.


12 eggs
1tbsp ground saffron
1tsp turmeric
2 tbsp lemon juice (or white vinegar)


  1. Place 12 eggs in a pot with the spices and lemon juice.
  2. Fill the pot with just enough water to cover the eggs.
  3. Bring to a boil and simmer for 4 minutes.
  4. Let the eggs cool in the water.
  5. Remove and dry the eggs.
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