As we navigate the complexities of the current economic landscape, we at Tahmina Tea recognize the importance of everyone's financial constraints during the holiday season. The Tahmina Holiday Gift Guide embraces a range of price points, ensuring that there's a perfect gift for everyone, no matter their budget. As we come together to celebrate the season, let these carefully curated items from Tahmina Tea enhance the spirit of giving, making this holiday truly special for your loved ones.

Gifts under $20


1. Loose leaf saffron tea in 3 blends:

2. Online gift card (starting at $10)

Gifts under $25


1. Saffron tea tin in 3 blends:

2. Afghan Saffron

Gifts under $50


1. Tea and Tumbler Set

2. Loose Leaf and Infuser Mug Set

3. Loose Leaf Tea Trio

Gifts under $75


1. Saffron Tea Trio

2. Self Care Set

3. Hand Carved Wooden Coasters

Gifts under $100


1. Loose Leaf Tea Trio and Mug Set

2. Christmas Candle and Tea Set

3. Tea and Saffron Deluxe Collection

We hope these lists can inspire you for a meaningful gift giving season!

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