In today’s blog, we’d like to take you behind the scenes to see the design inspiration behind our branding and new tea packaging! Living by our two core foundational values of justice and excellence, we package and market every product to the highest luxury aesthetic standard, which honors the high quality materials we use. Many conflict zones have rich histories of culture and the arts that have unfortunately been destroyed by long years of war. However, behind each picture we capture and every story we share is an ode to the hidden beauty of a rebuilding nation that we hope can captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

Examples of Islamic interlace patterns

When traveling in Afghanistan, there are two major artistic elements that you will see in architecture, art, and fashion: intricate patterns and bright colors. Most of these patterns come from a design system called Islamic interlace patterns, which breaks down further into three artistic styles: arabesque, girih, and calligraphy. Islamic interlace patterns can be found all around the Middle East and Central Asia, and the common trait of all interlace patterns is the seamless lines that fluidly travel across the design. A more in-depth description:

Islamic art mostly avoids figurative images to avoid becoming objects of worship. In Islamic culture, the patterns are believed to be the bridge to the spiritual realm, the instrument to purify the mind and the soul. David Wade states that "Much of the art of Islam, whether in architecture, ceramics, textiles or books, is the art of decoration – which is to say, of transformation." [1]

The geometric or floral, interlaced forms, taken together, constitute an infinitely repeated pattern that extends beyond the visible material world. To many in the Islamic world, they symbolize the concept of infinite proves of existence of one eternal God. [2]

We’re swooning over these beautiful photos that were some of the inspiration pieces behind our packaging design!

Photo: Pavel Nekoranec


Photo: Harmanjot Kaur


Photo: Annie Spratt


Photo: Lida Sahafzadeh


Photo: Nasim Keshmiri


Photo: Anna Jung


Photo: Alex Grant

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