Yes, you read that right! Saffron has been used since ancient times for a variety of ailments, but with the help of modern science we're seeing how the world's most expensive spice proves to be a superfood that supports our health in a variety of ways. Saffron can improve sexual and reproductive health in these 4 different ways:


1. Saffron is an aphrodisiac. Saffron has been used since ancient times as a natural aphrodisiac, but this is also backed up by modern clinical research. Researchers from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences found that the saffron’s compound crocin was effective in boosting sexual stamina and libido in men. Other studies found that among women, those who ingested saffron experienced higher levels of arousal and increased lubrication than those not ingesting saffron. Add some spice to your love life (quite literally) with saffron!


2. Saffron helps relieve menstrual discomfort and PMS. Do period symptoms drive you crazy? Saffron is good for reducing PMS symptoms and period cramps. This special spice also helps boost your mood by increasing serotonin levels, which go down before periods. Saffron’s anti-inflammatory properties can also be helpful when the right quantity is consumed. It’s suitable for treating headaches, cravings, and period pains too. A cup of saffron tea a few days before and during your period starts will do just the trick!


3. Saffron helps with PCOS. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (or PCOS) affects as many as 26% of women, often leading to infertility, pain, and other disruptive symptoms. Stress is one of the leading causes of PCOS, but saffron is a superfood that naturally manages these stress levels and lowers cortisol, a major stress hormone.


4. Saffron is an aid to improve sexual dysfunction. Saffron has also been studied as an aid to sexual dysfunction. Whether it’s a sexual dysfunction due to mental disorders such as depression, or physical issues like erectile dysfunction, saffron can help bring improvement to these problems. An added bonus? It’s all natural! No need to deal with any risky side effects!


From that time of the month to our love lives to hormone imbalances, sexual and reproductive health is such an important part of our lives. It's time that we cultivate holistic lifestyles to support the diverse needs of our bodies. Saffron tea is a great way to naturally enjoy saffron and incorporate into your daily routine.

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