Remember when it was just the normal stressors of life keeping you awake at night? Right. We can’t remember either. 

As the world continues to get back to “normal,” we get how truly difficult that might actually be. According to a study done by Good RX, depression and anxiety continue to rise to an all-time high and more prescription drugs were filled in 2020 than ever before.

But there is hope! And that hope can be found in saffron tea with its unique benefits. Here’s why saffron tea might be able to help mellow out those everyday stressors the natural way:

1. Saffron has natural antidepressant effects that were even comparable to prescription antidepressants (in a widely-known study), but is a completely natural alternative. Translation: Saffron doesn’t make you feel like you’re taking crazy pills, but can curb depression/anxiety all the same? #winning  


2. Saffron tea is a great coffee alternative. Beware of your caffeine intake triggering more anxiety. Is it jitteriness or anxiety? We recommend swapping your coffee routine for some Saffron Chai or Saffron Sencha. This has helped so many of our WFH friends curb some of the Sunday scaries especially by simply swapping their daily coffee for a cup of tea.

3. Saffron is an all-natural mood booster. When you consume saffron, it changes the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in the brain aka helps keep your mood balanced. So feel free to sip away towards a good mood!

4. Saffron can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle built for longevity. The optimal way to receive all the amazing health benefits of saffron is best consumed as a tea (because you can only eat so many dishes of paella in one day). This method is not only the tastiest way, but also the best bang for your buck for the world's most expensive spice. Our teas give you 3x cups per serving, and creating a morning or evening ritual around brewing tea is also a great way to slow down and relax. If you're looking for a more potent way to ingest saffron, we recommend buying saffron spice and steeping it in water as a pure saffron tea. 

5. Saffron can help with your insomnia. When you’re battling depression or anxiety, it can particularly wreak havoc with your sleep cycle, which creates even more of a vicious cycle of restless anxiety-ridden nights. We recommend having a cup of non-caffeinated saffron tea before bedtime, just like you would drink chamomile or take melatonin. Our Saffron Rooibos makes a great nighttime tea option and is a bestseller.


All funny gifs aside, we're here for you through all the good times and bad! We’re grateful to be able to offer a product we not only believe in but also has so many health benefits like helping fight depression and anxiety. We take mental health seriously and hope you found our list amusing and brought joy to your day!

*Disclaimer: This cannot replace professional treatment. If you have severe sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician.

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