“Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in” - Anna Lappe

With every purchase we have the ability to shape new realities - whether supporting small farmers in Jamaica or female entrepreneurs who have escaped trafficking in India, our actions build realties that reflect our beliefs and values. That’s why this month we are so excited to introduce you to some companies that we are in love with and believe can change the way you spend your money. What better way to jump into the upcoming holiday season than finding some items that need to be on your wishlist!

If you have been following the story for Tahmina for some time you know that we consider ourselves more than a tea company. We strive to inspire bravery to everyone we interact with. Empowering small farmers in Afghanistan by introducing them to international markets, and spreading stories of courage across our platforms are only some of the ways we strive to build a culture of hope and redemption.

We realize that not all of us have the money to donate to different causes or to volunteer our time. But we do spend our money on food, clothes, cosmetics, and other accessories. We can choose to take the money we were already planning on spending and use it on companies that are actively working toward building a better future.

So whether you are looking for some new fall fashion or already writing down your wishlist for Christmas, make sure you check out these amazing companies!


1. Cotopaxi: #GearForGood Fighting poverty with adventure 
📷: @thejacobucci / Rachel Jacobucci

Cotopaxi found a way to merge a love of the outdoors with a way to give back. Founder Davis Smith, after his time spent in Latin America, knew he wanted to address the devastation that poverty had on so many people. 2% of their revenue is granted to different organizations like the International Rescue Committee and Educate Girls. Prep for your next adventure with stylish gear, or even have Cotopaxi plan one of your new group adventures on their yearly “Questival Events,” a festival turned into an adventure quest.

2. Jimani Collections: #EthicalFashion Empowering women through education and design
** Jewelry pictured above: Mkono Horn Bracelets

Without access to steady employment, women around the world struggle to provide for themselves and their families. Jimani Collections not only offers employment to women in need but empowers them to start their own businesses. Their jewelry is locally sourced and made by Kenyan women. Update your wardrobe with these beautifully designed trinkets.

3. The 7 Virtues: Make Perfume Not War

📷: @nawa___ / Nawa

By ethically sourcing out essential oils from rebuilding nations, companies like The 7 Virtues empower local farmers and boost economies. This vegan, cruelty free, sustainable perfume company is bringing peace from Afghanistan to the Madagascar. Founder, Barb Stegemann’s mission is to end corruption, poverty and war, and she has found a way to revolutionize this process through social innovation. Other than being an amazing product and idea these perfumes are the essential #treatyoself gift, so run to your local Sephora or grab some on their website!

4. MiiR: Product to Project

Offering sleek and timeless pieces of drinkware is only a part of MiiR’s vision. 3% of their revenue is sent to organizations with sustainable methods of empowerment and every product they make funds a trackable giving project. Over 650k has been used to give children access to education, families access to drinkable water, and much more. That's why we we're so excited to partner with MiiR to build our own Tahmina Tumbler that is also investing in clean water and health projects! Make everyone at the office jealous when you stroll in with any of MiiR’s products.

5. Sudara Goods: From Fashion to Freedom

📸@baileylivphoto / Bailey Livingston

Loungewear never looked so good. Whether you are working from home or going on an adventure, these pieces of clothing will soon becomes favorites in your wardrobe. When you shop at Sudara you are investing in women and helping break the cycle of human trafficking. Your support brings about employment and restorative care to women who are at risk or are survivors of sex slavery.

 6. Causebox: A Membership that Matters

📷: @causebox

Maybe you can’t choose just one company you want to support and you love being able to spend your money on goods that matter. Now you don’t have to choose! The Causebox subscription service will send you products that are changing lives. These hand-curated socially conscious goods are delivered to your door quarterly for an incredible bargain and you can learn about remarkable businesses while doing so!

Shopping ethically has never been easier. With access to companies across the world not only can we support the causes we love, we can do so without breaking the bank. While this list may just be a small start, I hope it inspires you to make changes with how you choose to spend your money. Websites like Jewel and Lotus host ethical marketplaces where you can explore and learn about different ethical brands. Instagram accounts like @socialflourish will introduce you to companies that are giving back. Access to these companies are literally at your fingertips so let change start now. Your purchases are powerful, your money is impactful and the choices you make with it can boost or break economies. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that because we live so far away from these massive problems, that we are ill-equipped or unable to help. But the truth is that companies like the ones on this list prove that we can change the world with what we have in our bank account! 

We’d love to see and hear about where your money is going - share with us on Instagram and Facebook at @tahmina.international

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