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Tahmina Tea and Saffron Deluxe Collection

Perfect for: tea lovers, foodies, health-conscious, and socially conscious friends and family. The Tahmina Tea and Saffron Deluxe Collection has all of Tahmina’s best products, including:

-Saffron Chai Black Tea Blend
-Saffron Rooibos Herbal Tea Blend
-Saffron Sencha Green Tea Blend
-Afghan Saffron 1 gram
-Tahmina x MiiR Tumbler (12 oz)

Experience the best of saffron with our Deluxe Collection, guaranteed to delight tea-drinkers and cooking enthusiasts alike. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, saffron has been used in many medicinal traditions for depression/anxiety, immunity, acne, digestion, PMS, high blood pressure, and more. Saffron also provides new economic opportunities for farmers and women in Afghanistan. 

Sustainable, plastic-free gift packaging is available as an option at checkout.

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