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The Science of Saffron

Saffron is the most expensive cultivated herb in the world. Where does it come from and what makes it so special? Saffron is harvested from the plant species Crocus sativus, a beautiful purple-col...

Recipe: Saffron-dyed Eggs

  Happy Spring! In the Western world, we often associate colored eggs with Easter, but did you know that decorating eggs is also a Persian New Year tradition? Nawroz (meaning "new day") usually fal...

Recipe: Saffron Rice

A foundational staple of Mediterranean and South Asian cuisine, saffron rice is one of our favorites! Enjoy this classic recipe with an added flavor of raisins and almonds.

Recipe: Persian Jujeh Kebab

Tahmina’s Persian Jujeh Kebab recipe: with juicy grilled chicken and vegetables with flavors enhanced by Afghan saffron. Afghan saffron currently holds the place as the highest quality saffron in...

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